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themed by Cherrie H.

So I finally decided to buy a Dudebox at Mintyfresh with the intention to give it as a birthday present for my boss. At the moment the Paladin team is working hard on Momonga Pinball game. Kuton is the large evil owl that stands in Momo’s way, our cute squirrel hero. You can also see a little boy on the dudebox. This is Arthur the mascot of Paladin studios. On the back I painted a chibi Iron man. The reason for this is that within paladin they named each level after a comic hero to keep them apart instead of referring to numbers and get all confused what level they are talking about. Off course the names will be replaced before the game is released. But is was a funny double meaning since my boss also likes Iron Man a lot and within the company is has a different meaning. I had a lot of fun making this! I work as an intern at Paladin so I will be busy all day and when I come home its already dark. That’s why all the photo’s are so dark and dull. At the end, after all the painting and vernis layers I had time for a photo shoot and use some lovely daylight. 

9th Dec 2012 (4:41 pm) - By yummycream


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